Michael "Archie" von Huntington is a member of the upper class working as one of Rayne's staff. Rayne was the one who dubbed him "Archie" for his red hair, and has called him that ever since.

Rayne and his niece met Archie and his little sister for the first time when they were at Space Camp; Rayne took offense to Archie being a bigger ass than him, and they immediately became bitter rivals through the course of the camp's activities. Archie was both highly arrogant and snobbish in the beginning, believing Rayne to be a "poor" person and thus inferior to himself. The tables turned, however, when he realized Rayne was in fact his job interviewer. Since Rayne hired him, Archie became more mild-mannered and sociable - not only integrating into his cohort (enough to maintain casual dialogue with most and keep a nerf gun at his desk), but starting a relationship with Issa. Regardless, he is still Rayne's polar opposite; while Rayne takes great pride in his track record for sleeping around, Archie is loyal to Issa, showing no real interest in anyone else.