Mick Alfa is one of Rayne's close friends. He is fat and timid, and is often conned into helping Rayne with his plots. Although he is the target of Rayne's humor, he has had several stable relationships over the years. When he was young, his mother killed his father, went to jail and became a lesbian, an incident he prefers to keep in his past, but revealed to his friends eventually.

Recently Mick's Girlfriend Tamara wanted to meet his mother and she and Mick went to her house (not before dropping by Rayne's new house and telling him not to interfere). While waiting for his mother to answer the door Tammy regrets her decision and almost breaks up with Mick (despite the fact it was her idea in the first place) It is revealed that Mick's mother appears to be a kindly and elderly lady, instead of (As Tammy puts it) "Bruce Willis in Drag"