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Rayne helping Noel move into his new condo, complete with three different types of straws for his Red Bull

Rayne Summers is the protagonist of Least I Could Do.


Rayne was born at some time during the mid to late eighties. When he entered elementary school he met John Gold, who would become a lifelong friend and eventual roomate to Summers upon graduation. During his teen years Rayne would wreak various amounts of mischief (such as gluing his desk and chair to the ceiling and egging his english teacher's house). When he was sixteen he had his heart broken by a girl he truly cared for. After a talk with Issa, Rayne decided he no longer wanted to be the one who never made it out of the friend zone. This is when he changed into the playboy he is today. He was a newspaper columnist for a few years, but after an attept to have sex with Marcy McKean, he became an executive at IDS Enterprises.


Rayne is narcissistic, egotistical, and immature. He is, however, prone to outbursts of generosity and kindness, usually resulting in him getting some form of sexual reward. He regularly makes elaborate plans, and is willing to invlove his friends in his hijinks. However, he is also very loyal to them, and generally does his best to help them in times of need. Although incapable of having a long, stable relationship with a woman, Rayne keeps in touch with his various family members, including his parents, Ashley, and his brother Eric. Rayne is also critical of religion.